Fast, Smart Analytics For The Retail Industry

Location Analysis, Market Planning, Property Best Use, Intelligent Search Tools, Data and More

Our AI-based technology, based on a simulation of all US retail locations and all retail brands offers intelligent solutions
in minutes to common problems facing retailers and restaurants as they open or close locations.

  • Meet FRED, A Simulation of All US Retail Activity
  • Market Planning & Site Evaluation
  • Find Core Customers in Any Market
  • The World’s First Intelligent Location Search Engine
  • Access to TIGER Broker, Our Most Advanced Platform
  • Best Use Analysis of Any Location
  • Build Forecasting Tools in Minutes for New Retail Concepts
  • Automatically Generate Recruitment Packages
  • Access to
  • Best Use Analysis of Individual Sites
  • Works with All Retailers, Chain, Small and International
  • Automatically Generate Recruitment Packages

Customer Quotes

  • "This is the company I was telling you about yesterday. As you know I have a lot of years in commercial real estate development and site selection and this tool is awesome! It is nailing our sites and the key moving forward is making sure your brand is in the perfect spot in that particular submarket that you are going after. Lots of tools within this site."
    N. Binnings, VP Brand Development, Another Broken Egg
  • "I rely on The Retail Planet constantly for site analysis. We use many tools to evaluate locations and The Retail Planet is a reliable source for our analytical component."
    R. Boughton, CCIM, NAI Latter & Blum
  • "This inexpensive software, designed for people in the field is magic! It allowed me to create a market planning map in a couple of minutes that saved hours --- or days --- on any site visit. And the Location Scoring Tool gave me an instant comparison of my site to all US locations for retailers in my category. Pretty amazing!"
    Scott McQuown, Independent Consultant (formerly McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr, Togos)
  • "I have never seen anything like FRED, TRP’s retail simulation system. Out of the box it has more intelligence that any of the fancy forecasting systems that we purchased during my many years at Cracker Barrel."
    Jim Torcivia, former Senior VP of Development, Cracker Barrel.